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kari el22

The KARI EL22 electrode switch is designed for the control of conductive liquids.

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kari pintakytkin

The renowned KARI float switch is a control device for magnetic valves. It is also an alarm device that alerts the user at specified surface levels.

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kari exi rele

KARI Exi relay makes the float switch suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX).

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Devices for surface level monitoring and control

  • Households
  • HVAC wholesalers
  • Pump manufacturers
  • Mun. engineer.
  • Industry
  • KARI float switches
    • 9 models, 37 functions
  • KARI EL 22 electrode switch
  • KARI ELP electrode switch
  • KARI MS silo switch
  • KARI ATEX products
  • KARI alarm units
  • KARI pump starters
  • KARI PKL multi-pin connectors
  • KARI LS90 thermal fuses
  • KARI sensors
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