KARI ELP electrode switch

A versatile control system for sewage

elp elektrodikytkin paakuva

An extremely reliable solution for sewage with solids

The KARI ELP system is designed for the control of liquid levels in sewage pump plants. It is extremely reliable as any precipitates in the sewage are prevented from coming into contact with the electrode measuring the changes in the liquid level. Depending on the way it is connected and the number of electrodes used, the KARI ELP is suitable for a wide range of applications. Its operation levels are easy to set.

Precipitating liquids prevented from coming into contact with the electrode

The KARI ELP is a highly reliable control system for sewage and other liquids with deposits. Thanks to its innovative design, sewage is prevented from coming into contact with the electrode at any point, stopping any deposits in the sewage from interfering with the functioning of the electrode.

Available in horizontal and vertical models

The KARI ELP system comes complete with a pre-filled auxiliary liquid bag, the KARI EL22 electrode switch unit, and electrodes with their wires. In addition, a 1” RST pipe is required. This is attached to the bag either in a horizontal or a vertical position. The vertical configuration is used when a thick layer of sediment is found at the bottom of the tank or when the system is to be installed in a narrow well or pipe which does not accommodate the horizontal system.

The auxiliary liquid monitors changes in liquid levels

The electrodes are placed inside the RST pipe, setting them to hang at the desired levels. When the sewage level increases, the hydrostatic pressure forces liquid out of the auxiliary liquid bag, causing it to rise to the pipe. In the pipe, the auxiliary liquid level rises in line with the sewage level, until it reaches the electrode and causes a high-level alarm.

Multiple, simultaneous functions for several pumps

The KARI ELP system comes with one to four switch functions, including the pump’s control functions and high- and low-level alarms. The system has a separate electrode for each function, with the electrodes installed to hang at the desired height. As a cherry on the cake, the KARI ELP can be used to control several pumps simultaneously. A typical setting is a three-pump system, in which stop functions and high-level alarms are shared by all three pumps, while the start levels vary between pumps.

Operation levels with an accuracy of less than one centimetre

The KARI ELP is an extremely precise monitoring and control device for sewage systems. Its operation levels can be determined with an accuracy of less than one centimetre. Its switch system, the KARI EL22, has been approved by SGS Fimko. Each switch and the KARI ELP system undergoes vigorous functional testing before it is delivered to the client.

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