KARI PKL multi-pin connector

A watertight and reliable pump-cable connector

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A simple and cost-efficient solution

The KARI PKL is a watertight and reliable cable connector designed for submersible pumps. It helps to create considerable savings on pump maintenance costs. Thanks to the KARI PKL’s design, the pump can be disconnected and reconnected without the need for an electrician to perform the task. The KARI PKL is a one-off investment that costs only about the same amount as a single disconnection and reconnection operation carried out by a qualified electrician.

Making design easy – the KARI PKL suits all pump types

The KARI PKL makes design work easy for everyone involved in manufacturing or updating pump stations or waste- and clear-water systems. It also provides a simple solution for installation and service companies that offer maintenance services for pump stations. Its watertight design makes it suitable for large reservoirs and small wells alike.

Easy and safe retrofitting

The KARI PKL is fitted to a cable connecting the submersible pump to a switchboard. It is quick and easy to install also when you want to replace the pump’s electrical solution without resorting to specialist assistance. After maintenance of the pump, you can be certain that the system is always correctly reconnected to the electricity network, as there is no possibility of the pump’s rotation direction changing.

An easily installed backup pump guaranteeing uninterrupted operation

Thanks to its quick and simple installation mechanism, the KARI PKL makes it easy to deploy a backup pump when the main pump is undergoing maintenance. This helps to prevent unnecessary downtime and ensures the pump’s continuous operation.

A safe solution for the switchboard

When you use the KARI PKL, there’s no need to worry about the bushings of the switchboard: they do not need to be loosened when the pump is disconnected. There is no possibility of moisture or gases entering the switchboard.

A power-supply connector for electronic devices also in rainy conditions

In addition to pumping stations, the KARI PKL is an ideal solution for power-supply devices operated in damp conditions or as a connector for extension cords in wet weather. Whatever the application, the only information you need to have when ordering the connector is the number of pins (4–10) and the outer diameter of the cable (9–32 mm).


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