A reliable switch for the control of running liquids

hir tankoelektrodi paakuva

The KARI HIR bar electrode is an ideal choice for the control of flowing liquids. The electrode is installed with a fixed mounting, preventing any currents in the liquid from shifting it from its position.

The KARI HIR is available with a KARI NS15 brass frame bushing, which enables adjustments to the electrode’s height, ensuring that its alarm and operation levels are determined with extreme precision. Alternatively, you can opt for a mounting system fixed to the container’s interior wall. The bar electrode comes in a range of lengths to suit a variety of applications.

Making a pump’s start and stop levels easy to determine and adjust

The KARI HIR bar electrode is well-suited to the control of charging and discharging pumps. The pump’s stop and start levels are easy to set by fixing electrodes at the levels that mark the upper and lower threshold levels for the liquid. The charging and discharging connection can be easily switched via a changeover contact.

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