KARI LA2 floor sensor + KARI EL22

A reliable moisture and flooding detector for a property’s water distribution systems

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Cost-efficient protection against water damage

The KARI LA2 floor sensor, combined with the EL22 electrode switch, provides a reliable means of protecting your property against disastrous and costly water damage. It offers an easy and cost-efficient solution for the detection of leaks, such as from a dishwasher’s pipe system. Extremely easy to install, the KARI LA2 can be integrated into the building’s maintenance and safety system.

For any location at risk of water damage

The KARI LA2 floor sensor is suitable for all HPAC premises where a leak may lead to extensive - and costly - water damage. Thanks to its compact size, the KARI LA2 can be installed at the bottom of kitchen cabinets next to the pipes for a dishwasher or a sink. A reliable, low-maintenance system, the KARI LA2 is an ideal choice for long-term detection of moisture in a range of applications:

  • a washing machine’s outlet hose
  • drains
  • water pipe joints
  • water meters
  • boilers
  • central distribution points and joints of a water-based heating system

Reliable and sensitive

The KARI LA2 is installed at floor level. When it comes into contact with water, the sensor transmits a signal to the KARI EL22 central unit, which gives a notification via an alarm light or a notification system (such as the KARI KSH3).

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