KARI LS90 thermal fuse

A reliable safety device for rising temperatures

ls90 lamposulake paakuva

A safety solution designed to issue
an alarm at 90 °C

The KARI LS90 thermal fuse is a reliable safety device for applications in which high temperatures may cause serious damage to the equipment or constitute a fire hazard. A typical application is a heating station using oil as its energy source, where the KARI LS90 is installed in the vicinity of the oil burner. When the temperature exceeds 90 °C, the metal alloy in the fuse box melts, which results in the power being cut off. Oil supply to the station is interrupted, leading to an alarm being raised. Based on a set melting temperature, the KARI LS90 is an extremely reliable safety device without any electric sensors susceptible to disturbances or complex electronics.

An excellent choice for a circuit breaker and alarm system in a range of applications

The KARI LS90 is an excellent choice for a safety and protective device in the vast majority of applications in which the temperature must not rise above 90 °C. It can be used as a simple alarm system or alternatively as a circuit breaker in a device, which, if overheated, may cause serious damage to the equipment or constitute a fire risk. Such a hazardous situation may, for example, arise as a result of a fault in an oil burner’s thermostat, causing problems in the control of oil supply and overheating of the oil burner.

An ideal safety solution for heating systems

The KARI LS90 offers a reliable safety solution for small and large systems alike. In addition to oil-fired power stations and houses with oil heating, it is suitable for other heating methods, including systems using natural gas or pellets.

Also reliable in the event of thunder or other disturbances in power supply

Its operating principle, based on a melting temperature, is what makes the KARI LS90 a unique and reliable safety device. ts detection system does not rely on electric sensors or other electronics that are sensitive to thunderstorms or other disruptions in power supply.

Easy installation, regardless of the main device’s power solution

The KARI LS90 can be easily installed in the main device's control circuit, where it acts as a control system without the need for a transformer. When the temperature rises and the metal alloy melts, the control circuit becomes disrupted and the alarm circuit causes an alarm. With a contact unit that has both an NC contact and an NO contact, the KARI LS90 is suitable for any device, regardless of their contact type.

An easy-to-change fuse

The KARI LS90 must be installed in the vicinity of the oil burner or other device to be protected. Placing the safety device in a location where the temperature may rise above 40 °C in normal conditions should be avoided, so as to prevent the fuse from becoming prone to malfunctioning over time, leading to false alarms. The actual fuse is installed in the lid of the device case, where it is easy to access and change. Separate spare fuses are available (type S90).

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